Started with the Turmeric

Here is one for you – helping my son out in his new enterprize.

I started drinking the turmeric about 3 months ago and am feeling the results all very positive.

Went for a windsurfing holiday and had it twice a day and amazing results – ‘Stone the Crows’ this is good. Normally I would be in a not so good state by the end but ended up fine.

I would recommend this product without hesitation – if you have aches and pains grab some and get it into ya. Just check with the doc first that it is fine for you.

Available in both capsules or powder form

It has Organic Turmeric, Organic Black Pepper, Coconut oil (the good oils) in the caps which incidentally are made from vegies.

The Powder – Organic Turmeric, Green Tea, Paw Paw extract, MCT Medium Chain Triglyceride from Coconut Oil (stabilized in Tapioca),, Cinnamon, Organic Ginger,  Organic Black Pepper and Stevia leaf extract which is organic too.

You can put the powder in smoothies, Yogurt, coconut milk/water, cereal, protein drinks throw it over your cooking. Make Golden latte with milk and raw honey or even have with your favorite herbal tea.

I have it with half a spoon of raw honey and filtered water every morning.

The best part about the product we offer it is already blended for high potency and ultra absorption. Crikey better get some


And eat well and exercise regularly for good health and vitality 🙂

Have a good one





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