Going to the Gym and Loosing Weight

Man they say that all the time it easier said than done.

I am over 55 years young

Weigh 107 kgs/235 pounds

Being over 55 I am told constantly by the docs bless them,that I need to loose weight – well here is my journey for this category of my life.

Nice hat mate

Nice hat mate

Was a smoker and have diminished lung capacity according to the Docs started off with 48% THAT SUX!!!! So I had to do something about this so I smashed it out at the gym everyday for a year and did manage to increase my lung capacity (according to specialist) to 74% capacity and she said I have Asthma.  You don’t need to come back she said woo hoo.

Used to go to the gym six days a week for that year and liked it but was getting a bit bored with it so decided to take up a sport – you got it – windsurfing – (which does seem like the hardest sport in the world to learn how to do – that is another story).  Due to the windsurfing component the gym component has been neglected.  Or at least trying to windsurf lol.

Yesterday was the first day in a while I have been to the gym.  In order for me to loose weight I have to burn more calories than I take in.  So I got on the cross trainer for 20 mins averaging 78 rpm or what ever the measurement is – I will have a look and let you know. Phew that was a work out and then I got on the treadmill and smashed out 25 minutes at 6 with intervals of 10 so out of the 25 minutes I made six mins @10.  Not bad considering I jumped on a treadmill and cross trainer two years ago and was flat out doing 10mins of six let alone 10.  Same with the cross trainer I had one of the gym attendants telling me to do 80 for 20 seconds which i couldn’t do at that time. Yesterday I did around 10 minutes at 80.

We eat very healthy at home, we seldom get take away food.  I do like a little Ice Cream and a few nuts at night – WOW – naughty me.

Sunday today – was hoping to get out on the board but the wind is a little low so should go to the gym – we will see

My name is Morgs and this is my story – I have to get motivated and who knows you might get motivated too get to the gym and work on our weight loss together so come along for the ride – if nothing else you might get a bit of a laugh at times lol

Have a nice day

Hooroo 🙂