NO Gym

Motivation Motivation Motivation – no gym again today, not only was I sporting a sprained ankle which was on the improve but managed to roll my it again yesterday – FABULOUS!

What does that mean this morning – it has swollen again and more importantly no Gym

I have decided to try a new Gym – you see the gym I frequent say they offer free PT session once every six months.  I did ask a few times at the beginning of my membership there but everyone was just too busy – besides I wasn’t a good looking female — mmm seems to be a common denominator.  That is ok – have taken things into my own hands.

Went to my old PT at another gym – just so I had a work out to do.  There is a new gym that has opened just near where I live – they also say that they offer PT sessions, a couple a year to give you a program to work with to achieve your goals.  It looks very much a commercialised gym – the oldest PT looks about 16 – does that mean I have to young to go to the gym….would seem.

I have decided to get a pass for say 10 visits to see if I like it – just had a look at the program and found it has changed since I decided to try but I guess that is going to change regularly in the morning – just can’t get motivated to go at night.

Anyway back to my intentions for the getting to the gym – tomorrow I plan to go and work the top half of my body – no sore ankle there and still can burn calories.  I have put on 2 kilos since i have stopped going two weeks ago.

Time to get motivated and get back to the gym – then decide which gym




  • Morgs says:

    12/04/2016 update – Made it to the Gym today – dam hard to get up at 4.15am and get organized to get to the gym but made it there by 5.30 am….Nice 🙂 Cross Trainer no go didn’t work, Treadmill didn’t work…..Bike thing did was ok so burnt 300 cals there woo hoo. Sit ups with 9 kilo ball 15 x 3 and plank x 3 @ 1 minute

    Weighed in at 97.2 kilos – started my journey at 108 kilos so still looking good even if I have put on 2 kilos last couple of weeks


  • Williamel says:

    Is the hurlford Wed class on next wk during the school hols Stagnaro

  • Valariemox says:

    Thanks-a-mundo for the forum.Really thank you! Much obliged. Durough

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