Happy Valentines week

Happy Valentines day – hope you all had a nice day

Pump with Janeece  – Crikey nearly stumped me yesterday but I made it out the other end

Burnt 476 calories – nice. Again it was tough getting out of bed at 4.20am to get organised for the gym but did it and was there by 5.25am.

Arms are sore today as I upped the weights – ohhhhhhhhh

RPM with Mel ‘the motivator’ this morning has taken my mind of the sore arms that is for sure

I smashed out 45 mins

Garmin says 900 cals must have been a good workout – bring it on.

I have been doing RPM for probably 10 months now and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier – maybe it’s not windsurfing on the weekends and I have cut out Thursdays at the gym

Time to get ready for work

Have a great day everyone








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  • Morgs says:

    Another mission successfully completed – 6k Friday

    Made it in 49 mins I am happy with that result and according to Garmin 676 cals max heart rate of 156 BPM

    Start the day with Teaspoon of turmeric in water with a dash of naked honey or should I say raw get the metabolism up and going

    Markets tomorrow – heading to Carseldine again even though it has been very quiet – Might have a look at the Powerhouse Market in a few weeks

    Work time have a great day everyone


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