Back to the Gym

Whoa… it has been a couple of weeks – and over the last couple of weeks I have lost glasses and had to see with old ones Blah… lost half a tooth and side of face felt like it was falling off (took turmeric caps to relieve the inflammation – seemed to work) and been crook. What a holiday but did manage to go windsurfing at Lake Cootharaba a couple of times and managed 20 knots woo hoo that was fun and got some well deserved rest.

Tuesday 16 yep made it – half regretted it half way through, but  made it in the end and really glad I did feeling much better after a good work out. I lightened the load a bit with lighter weights than I was up to before having a break

Wednesday 17th made it again – today I remembered to switch on Garmin and burnt a tidy 663 cals nice RPM with Mel first time back and WHOA lungs were at maximum capacity 45 min blast thanks Mel. Had my Turmeric Super blend with 3 teaspoons of our fantastic Organic Carrot and Beetroot infused Apple Cider Vinegar with half a teaspoon of raw honey and water.

Also changed lunches a bit this year to whole food salad and Quinoa and flavoured Chic Peas

Friday – RPM with Ashley – smashed out 818 cals – great session and great to back at the gym this year the plan is to work a little harder at the gym – eat a little better and become a bit healthier

So come on everyone 2018 is the year we all get a little bit fitter, stronger, healthier and happier Woo Hoo

Have a great day



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