Back to the Gym

Crikey, struth and dam that was big – lucky I had my brew first – My knee is fine WOO HOO !!!

Made the Gym this Morning RPM with Mel the Motivator – fantastic freestyle session thanks Mel

I go to this gym because Ashley – he is a fantastic motivator as well, we are very lucky to have these two as trainers. Ashley used to be at a gym I went to for 5+ years and he was great – but he moved gyms to just a bit too far away. 🙁 oh well as time passed by we ended up moving to Cleveland and closer to the gym he operates out from – Nice…..

You guys should find a gym some where close to where you live and start slowely, even if it going for a walk but tough to get motivated every day to get out – gym works because you are paying for membership – money is good motivator – doesn’t matter what or how  – Just get out there and get started

RPM was excellent this morning

Have a nice day






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  • Morgs says:

    RPM with Matt – smashed out 666 cals – Heart rate 152 bpmisn’t that the devil’s number – finally got rid of him/her (politically correct). Thanks Matt and RPM – max ha RPm is a great way to get back into fitness because it has a relatively low impact on the body – go as hard or soft as you like, build from the start but, you do have to start.

    Twice to the gym this week so looks to be good – foot is still sore though so 6k Friday is out for a while still – I used to do 6 k on the treadmill Fridays – Fitness wise I am sure I would be able to smash it out but not sure how long my foot will take to repair.

    mmm not sure about Market tomorrow – plan was Powerhouse Market – will have to see how today goes

    Have a great day everyone

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