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Getting mature in age now – in 2013 I was grossly over weight and as a token effort going to the gym and having a go.  Mostly I walked on the treadmill, as part of the membership of this gym one of the staff used to put a program together for you periodically about every six weeks.  At this point I was on the treadmill and x trainer amongst a few machines.  The work out consisted of 6 kph on the treadmill with boosts of 20 seconds of 8 kph same with the x trainer.  Man I used to seriously struggle to make the full 20 seconds.  Never lost any weight, one day I noticed something different and unpleasant with my breathing.

I was breathing in but didn’t seem to be getting the O2 that I needed…..mmm strange.  Wasn’t very pleasant so off to the Doctors.  She said Emphysema and off to the specialist I went. Measured my lung capacity and said doesn’t look very good at 48%.  Well that SUX, I thought to myself . The specialist said come back in 12 months.  Both my Brother and Father died from this terrible disease, once they had it, basically sat around and waited for their demise. Very sad – I loved them both dearly

Not this black duck – I hit the gym every day, 5 days a week and made sure I got out on the week end supping.  Cardio Cardio and more Cardio work those lungs – figured that would be the best thing for it – I didn’t consult with the gym instructors just did it – pushed and pushed and pushed all along puffing on the stuff my Doctor prescribed which made it easier. At the end of the 12 months and back to the Lung Specialist and woo hoo 74% lung capacity.

My name is Morgan and this is my story – I am hoping that a few of you get inspired and join in.

In addition to that I started to take the turmeric journey by taking the powder – Brrr a taste sensation it isn’t, but you get used to it – I like the powder form as it is easy and works for me.

I as a young fellow did the football, motor bikes and water skiing wake boarding thing – ‘as you do’ – the results, when I am older, aches and pains shoulders, knees, hands.  Also when I was a teenager, I was unfortunate enough to contract a degenerative disease called Osteocondritis and as a result lost some cartilage in my spin – beauty, allegedly  ‘didn’t need it’ …….  Suffered a lot of pain for years long story short – no pain these days. In fact as you can see by the site I now go to the gym 3 to 4 days a week and windsurf. http://windsurfinglearningcurve.com/

I have puffer things for my lung condition and turmeric powder which appears to be helping with inflammation and even my moods.

Happy with that – my wife and I are now marketing the product Turmeric4you powder and caps which you can now purchase online right here on this website and on facebook on the BBB Healthy Choices page – check it out

My beautiful wife and I met some 25 years ago and have been smashing life out together for wow…… two and a half decades – she is my rock. I am such a lucky man to have such a wonderful, beautiful soul as my life partner. 🙂

WHOA……. CHECK THIS OUT ->We have developed a fantastic infusion of  Apple Cider Vinegar to go with our healthy choices range come down the markets and have a taste ‘that’ll put hairs on your chest’ lol Great stuff ACV it is good for sooo many things – health – cooking – skin – even as a cleaner

I feel better now in my late 50′ s than I did in my forties – bonus

UPdate – My beautiful wife, Anita and I spend our week ends at the markets – it all started when I purchased my first tub of the Turmeric Super Blend – I said “if it works for me, I will sell it”. The rest is history

It is now 2017 and where are we now – Still have Emphysema I haven’t been back for a lung test since the first one but all seems ok atm. I am going to RPM on the bike thing twice a week and giving those lungs a great workout with Mel and Matt from my gym (awesome instructors – very motivating). Pump getting buff lol with Janeece on Tuesday and smash it out.

Unfortunately the windsurfing thing has subsided as we are putting in two days at the markets on the weekend.  However still looking for a high wind board for Christmas hols. My PB so far is 27.3 knots Woo Hoo – that was awesome next keen for 30 knots at Christmas wind permitting. These days the majority of the time I am on the water I can maintain a good 23 to 25 knots cruising wind permitting. I love it………………..:-)

Helping people who buy our fantastic products is a great pleasure – we hear some amazing stories from our regulars of the benefits they are feeling from consuming our fabulous Turmeric Super Blend and Apple Cider Vinegar infusions. This is what makes it all worthwhile because I can tell ya that at 2.45 am every Saturday morning after a full week at work it is hard to drag ourselves out of bed and get on down there – then a customer will tell a little anecdote of how good they are feeling. Makes it all worth while.

Been asked what is it like living with Emphysema?

At first I must say I was quite stressed about the prospects (from experience with my Dad and big Brother) but after 4 or so years of being diagnosed I seem to be in pretty good state. After all I go to the gym 3 -4 times a week and get on the water windsurfing when I can (no so often these days reduced to school hols but still get there)


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